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Our Plan

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This initial project will proceed through the end of 2020. This program will include a training program for up to four Water Stewards to serve successive groups of community mentors to participate in the commitment of  ‘Reach One, Teach Many More’. This is the concept that when a student has learned what they need to know in order to successfully become a Water Steward and in the use of the Water filters they will, in turn, teach others what they have gained as a skill.​

Mothers & Daughters

Expected Results

As a small example of this economic premise, Loving Waters is currently developing an independent project to creating what we are calling ‘Water Blessing Beads’. These lovely strands of meditation beads are designed by the women involved in the Aicha Watershed Wisdom Centers offering tangible economic opportunities and will be integrated into the first phase of this Water project.


In 2020, additional regenerative alliances will be sought out to further engage other non-profits and NGOs from around the world supportive of our broader mission. We intend to identifying and fostering local and indigenous wisdom integrating this legacy knowledge with other natural sustainable methods, contributing to the collective Watershed Wisdom base knowledge for the world.

In time, these centers will potentially provide other services such as solar charging for electronic devices, as well as entrepreneurial training, bio-cultivation agriculture, money management, language classes, media education, art, culture, music, and storytelling.

La Fondation Aicha, under the leadership of Mamoudou Conde, is closely tied to his engagement to manage the national dance company of the country, Les Ballets Africains de Guinée. It is expected the future iterations of our project will continue to link to the work he is doing to promote the art, culture, and beauty of Guinée as the company tours around the world. Future development will proceed in several stages of development dependent on the outcomes of each prior stage and our acquired capacity.

Implementation Strategy for 2020



The Watershed Wisdom Centers can contribute to community prosperity through a series of reoccurring workshops designed to cultivate sustainable ecological wisdom through a new West Africa culture: 


  • In 2020 The Waterbearers will work with Loving Waters, La Fondation Aicha and Fondation Guinée SolidaritePlus to create a campaign providing Water Filters to 1-3 test locations and train no less than six Water Steward in this first phase. A documentary of our process will be produced and distributed as a promotion to be used as proof of concept for future fundraising. These are the parameters of this current proposal.​

  • Review and evaluate outcomes for this first phase of the project and strategize for future stages of the Aicha Watershed Wisdom Centers. We will plan future long-term development strategies in several stages as we grow in capacity, with the ultimate goal of instituting the centers throughout Africa.

  • In future phases, the centers intend to offer hands-on educational training in the efficient use of micro-loans, business and economics, and the development of entrepreneurial opportunities. Training in waste management, rain-catchment, proper Water storage, grey-water, bio-cultivation, tree-planting, and watershed conservation methods. Sustainable bio-cultivation techniques of biochar, aquaculture, permaculture, biodynamics, beekeeping, animal husbandry, etc. will be added as the project template evolves.

  • Hosting of international and regional experts will strengthen the project and further the development of mentors and train local staff members, interns, and community members.

This preliminary project is still in the early stage of development; costs, budget, outcomes, methods, schedules, personnel, implementation, etc. will be determined and dependent upon further development and conversations. Long-term growth will progress in an incremental scaling-up as our capacity increases. Any contribution from our supporters is greatly appreciated.


Additional details are still to be decided regarding the specifics of the implementation plan and exact products to be produced by this proposal, both initially and in the future, as well as more details on what future project any of the stakeholders might expect to engage in once this first phase of the project is completed.  The ultimate goal is to have the project become self-sustaining through innovative entrepreneurship and a two-pronged approach of both international and local action.

We will provide S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) as our success criteria, in order to provide stakeholders complete financial transparency and 100% confidence in the integrity of the project, providing tangible demonstrations for the Watershed Wisdom Centers’ success in transforming the health and prosperity for the people of West Africa.