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The Waterbearers



Capacity Building Project to Create Community Centers Focused on

 Health, Education and Clean Water for the Children of the World



Aicha means alive and well. Our Aicha was just that. Working in her spirit of lion-hearted love, we believe no child should die from a lack of proper Water, nutrition, or medical care. La Fondation Aicha is committed to finding the most functional, sustainable, and innovative solutions for nurturing the future for the children of the world – starting with providing Clean Water.

In our inaugural campaign, the Aicha Watershed Wisdom Centers (AWWC) seeks to secure consistent access to clean water for families in the Conakry region of Guinée, West Africa.

Project Summary

In order to improve the quality of life for communities in West Africa, this strategic alliance will perform as follows: La Fondation Aicha (LFA), collaborating with the Fondation Guinée Solidarite Plus (FGSP) will implement a pilot program to supply efficient, low-cost Water Filter systems into participating community groups. Engaging the innovative initiatives of a registered US 501(C) (3), The Waterbearers’, will provide the filters; our participating women will be trained to become effective Water Stewards using a mentorship model designed by Loving Waters, a global alliance of Water Advocates. Together, we work from the understanding that empowering women to care for their essential Source Water enables their children, families, and communities to thrive for many generations into the future.

In the initial phase, this comprehensive project will deliver a supply of Sawyer Point-One Water Filter systems to a select group of women and their families. Distributed from 2-4 kiosks located in the capital city of Conakry and nearby Dubreka, each filter can provide clean water to 100 people a day and produce up to one million gallons over 5-10 years, with the proper training and maintenance.

These preliminary Water Kiosks will establish a solid proof of concept and a working template for the development of the broader concept of the Aicha Watershed Wisdom Centers. The keystone action to provide clean water solutions, education, and training for local community groups is for women to serve as Water Stewards using a ‘Reach One, Teach More’ model of mentorship training. In time, these efforts will grow exponentially to provide as many reliable Water filters as possible.


October 30, 2015 - October 28, 2019

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