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Aicha Conde
Aicha Conde

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October 30, 2015 - October 28, 2019

Aicha's Mission

La Fondation Aicha commits to Healthy and Whole Watershed;

Nurturing a Thriving Future for All the World’s Children;

We believe NO CHILD should die from a lack of proper

Water, Nutrition, Education, or Medical Care.


We dedicate our work in the Lionhearted Spirit

of Aicha's mission to care for her world; 

Aicha's legacy will teach us how to LOVE one another well.

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Loving Waters has aligned with The Waterbearers, to provide effective Water filters

to families in Guinea, West Africa struggling without access to safe Water for survival. 


Our campaign is working with the La Fondation Aicha and Fondation Guinée Solidarity Plus,

in Guinea to create the world's first Watershed Wisdom Centers. These community

kiosks will in time form cultural hubs nurturing the health and wholeness of women and children, with benefits rippling out to of improved wellbeing to their kin and community. 

Pure Water for Guinée

The Challenge

Of all the countries in West Africa, the dire consequences of poor education, unsafe water, and inadequate sanitation systems are most acute in Guinée. The need for education and training is significant, as the challenges for solving these issues are some of the most severe in all the world.


Guinée is a country of over 11 million inhabitants with 1.9 million living in the capital of Conakry alone. Close to 45% of the population is under the age of 18 years old. Primary education is compulsory for only 8 years, and most children do not attend for long or ever go to school.  Guinea has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world with less than 30% of adults literate in 2003. 


However, more than half of the population does not have access to any adequate water supply point, and even any infrastructure that does exist is unreliable or broken. 50% of the places with unsafe drinking water once had functioning systems, but they have now fallen apart due to lack of maintenance. 

Poor sanitation and a lack of safe drinking water take a greater human toll than war, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction combined, making it the leading cause of disease and death around the world. Waterborne diseases of cholera, diarrhea, schistosomiasis, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever are rampant and the endemic lack of sanitation further supports the vector-borne diseases of malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever. Most of the victims are young children, with the vast majority dying from organisms thriving in Water contaminated by raw sewage and other pollutants.

La Fondation Aicha firmly believes that this is changing. We are committed to contributing to these shifts. 

The Solution 

For our initial phase in 2020, this comprehensive project will deliver a supply of Sawyer Point One Water Filter systems to select groups of women and their families. Distributed from 2-4 kiosks located in the capital city of Conakry and nearby Dubreka, each filter can provide clean water to 100 people a day and produce up to one million gallons over 5-10 years, with the proper training and maintenance.

Understanding that this is a co-creative opportunity benefiting the local women, by empowering them with collaboration and mutual support, to become well trusted in share with other women within their cluster in a broad concept called 'Teach One, Teach Many'. In caring for their Watershed, they give back by teaching what they've learned. As they benefit, All Life systems benefit within their Watersheds, families, and communities.


In this spirit of lion-hearted love and courageous caring, the La Fondation Aicha is committed to creating organized campaigns focused on functional, sustainable access to innovative methods developing a vibrant and healthy future for the children of Guinée, West Africa.

Securing consistent, reliable access to PURE WATER, HEALTHY FOOD, and a GOOD EDUCATION are the basic minimum requirements for each person on Earth to a simple, yet very decent Life.

This is the vision, mission, purpose, and practice of La Fondation Aicha. We invite you to join us.

Caring enough to ensure the future of all our worlds' children is happy, healthy, and thriving.